Packages of announcements:

Packages of announcements

1 ad 10,00 zł 3 months
10 ads 80,00 zł 3 months
30 ads 120,00 zł 3 months
100 ads 350,00 zł 3 months

* The validity of the purchased package is calculated from the moment of approval of the selection of a given package.
All prices are in PLN and do not include VAT.


Department / Category Number of views The net value Time of issue
The whole website unlimited 450,00 zł 1 month
1000,00 zł 3 months
1800,00 zł 6 months

Requirements for a jpg banner

The size of the billboard 840x472 px, do 500KB
All prices are in PLN and do not include VAT.
The billboard is displayed in rotation both in a given sub-category and on the main page.

Requirements for the FLASH banner (Billboard)

Banner size: 840x472 px, do 500KB
The FLASH banner must be in the form of a button with the ActionScript code necessary for the correct generation of click statistics:

on(release) { getURL(_root.linkURL, '_blank'); }

Contact regarding advertising

Mobile phone +48 56 658 58 55